stress and underpressure condition: thesis writing

I was and still am cring a lot. This how it feels to be left behind, to be stupid and uncapable of doing anything. So here is the thing, the deadline of Thesis Proposal’s presentation is 23-25 February , seeing my progress now is still going nowhere. I am stuck. I am not be able to choose or to decide. Research limitations rule of my department irritates me.

  • Never ever using LOGIT or another regression technique, ALWAYS and MUST BE multiple regression (Ordinary Least Square)
  • To propose 1 hypothesis, you MUST HAVE relevant literature at least 5 literature with the same EXACT dependant variable.
  • CHOOSE only the SIGNIFICANT variable to be re-tested in your thesis. and MAKE SURE your research result show SIGNIFICANT effect. NEVER EVER choose an insignificant variables as your independant variables
  • it is PROHIBITED to conduct test with you preferred dependant variable if YOUR PEER has already conducted it. In other word, YOU R NOT ALLOWED to use the Y variable, if your friend has already chosen it. ONE Y for ONE STUDENT.
  • unclear writing guidelines, i can not explore this limitation because i am not yet at this point.

I am dying. I am crying. My corresponding author is so smart and genius, whilst i am not even deserve him. I am too stupid to be in his guidance. I am so sorry sir.

Nyeri pinggang: Peluruhan Endometrium atau Infeksi Ginjal

Quick update saja malam ini pinggang belakang saya lagi ngebet banget sakitnya sampe nangis saya malem-malem. Entah ini sakit pra menstrual atau Batu Ginjal lagi beraksi. Sakitnya jadi satu, kemih juga ngebet. Sudah minum anti biotik untuk infeksinya. Selang 2 jam baru bisa minum asam mefenamat untuk pereda nyeri. Selang 2 jam lagi baru bisa minum paracetamol + obat flu karena saya lagi pilek, hidung mampet dari pagi gak berenti-berenti bersin.

Revisi Laporan PKL belum kelar. Jadi, sidang PKL Jumat lalu diakhiri dengan pengumuman saya TIDAK LULUS. Jadi harus revisi ulang, dan sidang ulang tanggal 10 Februari. Jika sidang gagal lagi, PKLnya ngulang sambil skripsi.

Hasil peer-review laporan PKL saya oleh teman-teman NRB juga banyak koreksian. Makin pusing kepala saya ini.

Banyak-banyak baca salawat atas nabi. Allahumma sholi ala muhammad, waala ali muhammad.

Buat kalian juga yang semangat menjalani hidup.

Saya pengen banget ikut challenge KOMBUN yg makanan itu. Udah ada bahan buat ngulas Cafe Durian Monthok favorit saya di bilangan BKT. Tapi tapi tapi………………. i will totally feel guilty kalo nulis artikel blog serius sedangkan revisi laporan PKL gak selesai-selesai :(

Udah segini aja dulu ya. Bye readers.


Buat yang request Novel dan email-email pembaca saya pending dulu ya replyya. Habis sidang ulang insya allah saya balas.


Jangan remehkan si kecil “Batu Ginjal”

First of all, i wanna say sorry to KOMBUN UNJ because i didn’t join any challange held on December and January.

Second of all, i also need to apologize to my readers who emailed me but i didn’t reply right away, i promise to reply them all!

Here the story goes…

Now i am in the middle of deadlines, like really really dead. I don’t have time for watching movies/reading novels/even excercising. I don’t have time for breath!

Tomorrow i need to enter my thesis title at 8 am and the day after tomorrow i am demanded to collect my PKL report, my fail-PKL report. Next week i am going to present the report in front of faculty examiners, and after PKL things end i fight my thesis !!!!!!

Of all the rush i am going through, there is always a bad news. I suffer stone urinary bladder (Batu ginjal) since December. The symptomps were:

- i usually  felt pain on my lower back since i was at junior high school

- i peed blood, or red-orange urine on the last three months

- i felt pain on the folds of my inner thighs

In Brief: I feel pain on my bladder. It pains at night, in the morning, even in the middle of the day while i am riding my motor cycle.

As the trial member in the family, i try to cure it by the infamous BPJS way which means i need to go to Faskes level 1 aka PUSKESMAS 3times until i get recommendaton letter to Public Hospital.

At first i thought i could endure the pain so i planned to follow it up after, at least, my PKL’s presentation end. But day by day the pain grows stronger and stronger. This isn’t going to be fun when suddenly i’m fainted from pain when the presentation takes place.

This morning i am gonna go to PUSKESMAS for the third session. I hope i get recommendation letter to RS Awal Bros since this hospital serves ESWL the best (based on my browsing on the internet and watching Dr OZ on youtube). But if it later turns out the doctor at PUSKESMAS gives me letter of recomendation to Public Hospital, i can not bear it any longer. I might go to RS Awal Bros without my health insurance-the infamous BPJS (that’s what our ministry said) to do ESWL.

I praise my self for everything that happened, every struggle, every pains endured. I am sure i can pass this test of life. I am totally sure. I just need a support maybe, just say “you can go through it all” or “everything will be okay, you are okey, and you always will be”.

I am so underpressure, too many weakpoints. But i must face it. I am strong woman. I shot them all.

Pengalaman Berbelanja Buku di

After being lectured about how i was left behind in practicing audit compared to students in other univesities by my lovely EDP Class’ teacher Sir Choirul Anwar, Ak., MBA., MAFIS, i decided to buy 2 books, i.e. Praktikum Audit Berbasik SAK-ETAP 3rd edition book 1 and 2″. Actually, before Mr. Anwar told me buy these books, i was intended to buy them in order to finish the Final Tasks (Audit PT KJS) of Auditing 3. Then, his suggestion reinfoced my decision even more.

Before deciding to grab it online, i looked for it first at Gramedia Matraman and found nothing but the dust. As usual as always, i compared the price from 3 online bookstores and found the following:

Praktikum Audit (Kertas Kerja Pemeriksaan) Buku 1 & Buku 2 Edisi 3

  • : Rp93,415
  • : Rp93,415
  • : Rp87,920

I usually buy books from (local publisher) and (internation publisher) but since offered more competitive price, why not gave it a chance?

Here are ordering and purchasing process:

Klik tambah ke keranjang belanja di 2

I made this order on 27 December 2014. just click add to cart

klik lanjutkan ke pembayaran 3

You will see the summary of your purchase


Fill the form, just same old same old step




metode pembayaran 5

Choose the payment method

pilihan ekspedisi 6

Choose the shipping service you want


terakhir 7

Final summary of my order. You see that Estimated receival time is January 8, i made order on December 27 2014, so it took 12days. urgh i was lil bit disappointed, i wasn’t expecting would be this time consuming.

After that, i received email containing Order No., Bank Account No., and amount of money to be transferred. I transferred the payment right away. Don’t forget to fill payment confirmation form so your order will be processed.

konfirmasi pembayaran

On Saturday, 3 January 2014  i receive my order. I didn’t expect to be this fast :0 since the estimated receival time stated on order summary was 8 January. Good job! I recommend this bookstore not only for its cheap price but also its service.

20150103_112536 20150103_112812 20150103_112855


Welcome 2015 and no resolution

Happy New Year dear readers.

Talking about New Year means talking about how great was your new year eve, your resolutions in 2015, BBQ and party, old stuffs like “new year new me” or blaah blaah. Honestly i didn’t celebrate it, i slept early at 9pm on NY eve, with my 6y0 sister and I didn’t even party or BBQ, let alone making resolutions.

Before starting this post, i looked for my 2014’s resolution post but i find nothing. The fact that i didn’t even create 2014’s resolution hits me hard on the face. Resolutions for human is similar to Objectives for business. Every business has its objectives, so does human. But me?  Please slap me on my face to wake me up from wonderland.

Let’s making NY’s resolutions!!!!! The real ones ot just list of bulls. Based on a seriouse list of resolutions or called “On Purpose” goals are the only kind that will truly offer us happiness, success, and fulfillment. Time spent on the wrong mission and goals is time lost forever. But people mostly create bulls resolutions contained the following characteristics:

  • People are Apathy , they only talk about their self on their NY resolutions and not caring about others.
  • Letting the “small stuff” get in the way or bog you down. You lists many unimportant stuffs and forget the real ones.
  • Losing focus. Having a hard time deciding what to do next. (Ha Ha this is so me. I am always hard in deciding anything)
  • Substituting money, power, or fame for real happiness. Typical resolution’s statements such as : improve finance, get a promotion/better job, take a vacation to blahblah, buy this buy that. They don’t deliver us to pure happiness.
  • Allowing your identity to be shaped by outside forces. This is the saddest part :(. It becomes harder and harder to keep being ourself. I once write this statements on my tumbler: “Corporation has so many negative influences like a free radical, first it consumes your mind then your body then your heart. When it changes your heart, you will be an eternal slave of corporation. better not be huh“. Never ever let outside forces reshape your identity.

Here i create my basic resolution using template of resolution’s question taken from

  • What do you really love to do and excel at and why?

I really love reading novel and writing blog.

I would love to excel my skill on writing by writing a research thesis and writing something grammatical-error-free and using wider vocabularies . I also would love to upgrade my reading skill, from reading novel books to reading non-fiction books.

  • What was your best moment? Day? Week? Why was it so good? Break down the elements of each to find insights that might help shape your purpose.

My best moment in 2014 is when i lost 10kgs at that time i was an excercise-freak, i excercies 3 times a week: swimming, jogging, and excercising using Walking Twister (which is now broken).

My best day in 2014 is ….i don’t think i have best day. i can not answer this one.

My best week in 2014 is when i went to SA to do Umrah for one week. Those days i felt so close to God, closer than my jugular vein. When i was in SA i was not a worldy-minded, never once i thought about school, grades, financial pressure, or even diet. I was so freeeeee. Sadly now i feel far from you, God.

  • If your life had a highlight reel, what would be on it?

This!!!!!!!!! Omg i’ve asked my self this kind of question since I entered university. I don’t know

  • What kind of difference would you like to make that would benefit others?

My sharing abilities is averagely higher than others. I have this awareness to help people go through dark pit of life that i’d been experiencing before. I belive this ability may benefit others. I love sharing. I hate to see people fail as i did.

The answers above will shed some light on what my purpose or mission might be, and the resolutions are as follows:


Review DELL Inspiron 5447 Core i7 14inci

Spesifikasi Dell Inspiron (14) – 5447 – Core™i7 – VGA – Windows 8 – Silver + Free Voucher Carrefour 250 Ribu (dari

RP 10.840.000
Model Inspiron (14) – 5447
Ukuran (L x W x H cm) 34.2 x 26.4 x 2.2 cm
Berat (kg) 2.5 kg
Warna Silver
Hard Disk 1000
Memori Grafis 2
Kecepatan CPU 3.10
Tipe Processor Intel
Fitur Tampilan HD
Garansi produk 1 Tahun
Koneksi Nirkabel Bluetooth|WiFi
Sistem Operasi Windows 8

Deskripsi Produk Dell Inspiron (14) – 5447 – Core™i7 – VGA – Windows 8 – Silver + Free Voucher Carrefour 250 Ribu (dari

Apa yang ada di dalam kotak:
  • Notebook
  • Baterai
  • Adaptor
  • Kartu Garansi
  • Tas Laptop

Dell menghadirkan seri laptop Inspiron terbaru dengan perpaduan sempurna antara gaya dan kinerja. Dell Inspiron 14 5447  i7-4510U Win 8 SL ini penuh dengan fitur yang dirancang untuk memenuhi tuntutan pekerjaan komputasi sehari-hari. Dengan spesifikasi yang optimal dan mumpuni menyelesaikan setiap pekerjaan dengan cepat namun dengan harga terjangkau.    Desain & Portabilitas Laptop ini berpenampilan menarik, desain yang ergonomis dan estetika yang indah. Dengan berat kurang lebih 2.2 kg yang nyaman untuk Anda bawa. Tampil dengan balutan dan desain yang dinamis, Anda tetap tampil stylish ketika membawa laptop ini.        Menggunakan layar Wide LED berukuran 15″ dengan resolusi maksimum 1366 x 768 yang nyaman untuk keperluan hiburan dan pekerjaan Anda. Kinerja Optimal Laptop ini menggunakan prosesor Intel Core i7-4510U. Anda dapat dengan mudah melakukan banyak tugas tanpa masalah karena prosesor menawarkan kecepatan clock 2.7 GHz. Memori pada laptop ini menggunakan DDR3 UMA berkapasitas 6 GB yang cukup untuk mengerjakan tugas kompleks. Didukung dengan kartu garfis AMD Radeom HD R7 M265 2GB DDR3 memberikan tampilan grafis yang sangat memukau baik untuk menonton video maupun bermain game . Untuk penyimpanan laptop ini menggunakan harddisk berkapasitas 1TB GB SATA dengan kecepatan putaran 5400 RPM. Fitur Multimedia Laptop ini hadir dengan spesifikasi yang bagus untuk keperluan hiburan Anda, menawarkan banyak fitur multimedia yang selalu dapat andalkan untuk menemani kehidupan Anda. Terintegrasi kamera web dengan resolusi HD 720p yang membantu Anda untuk tetap terhubung dengan teman-teman Anda melalui video chat berkualitas tinggi. Konektivitas Terdapat berbagai pilihan konektivitas dalam laptop ini antara lain 3 buah port USB 3.0, HDMI serta Bluetooth 4.0. Anda juga dapat menemukan Card Reader untuk membaca berbagai macam kartu memori milik Anda. Untuk keperluan jaringan, laptop ini dilengkapi dengan Ethernet LAN dan Wireless LAN yang memungkinkan Anda untuk berbagi data dengan kecepatan tinggi dan terhubung ke internet.


Surat Blog untuk Guru by Sjifa

To celebrate teachers day, Kombun challanges me to write this article, titled “Surat Blog untuk Guru” in my own writing style.

Dear Mr. Unggul

I guess you may not remember me. My name is Syifa Aulia from Non Regular Accounting class of 2011 and i have no trouble remembering you as i look so fondly upon my time i spent in you classes as one of your students. I took 2 of your classes: International Accounting and Management Control Systems. Now i am in your Research Methodology class. You left and enduring mark upon me and really helped to shape my ideas of what a truly great lecturer should be. You treated each of us as if we were all smart adults and you belived in our potential from greatness (while i, my self didn’t even belive in my own capability as a human with brain). You were always providing individual attention and yet you never made us feel as if any of us were being singled out. You were fair and held us accountable for our mistakes and misbehavier (for instance: my laziness to read papers or research articles), but i never resented you for reprimanding us if needed. I always felt so comfortable in you classroom, and to this day i believe, without a doubt, that you were 100% invested in us and our education.


Me with Mr. Unggul

First time i took your course was International Accounting. At that time, i heard from grapevine that you just got back from Australia and recently finished your doctoral degree, wow that was so cool because as far as i know there were not  many of accounting lecturers who had doctoral degree. And you were the first lecturer ever in my history of education who spoke in english full time, even my english teacher didn’t speak english whole time. I was all agog to come to your class. As for the second time i joined your class, it was Management Control Systems (MCS). I didn’t know exactly what happened at that time, but you barely attended classes. I heard from grapevine (again what is it with my department and grapevine) that you had something going on with your position in accounting department. I had no idea what it was actually but one thing for sure, i missed you a lot. I could count with my own fingers how often you came to class. However, MCS class introduced me to AAA+ rated papers or journal articles (in Stats class i only had to read papers without paying attention to the rating). Nevertheless, when i attended your third course (Research methodology), everything was starting to improve. You began to attend class regularly, and provided material comprehensively with your dedication. Truthfully, based on my KRS schedule, i should have attend Mr. Yasser’s Reseach Method class, but i chose to join your class instead. Your proficiency and command on the subject was an added advantage. Your tolerance and patience make you the best among teachers who had handled us, so humble and encouraging, offering the best solution at hand always, that you not only feel “every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new “ but also stand a chance to taste success.

even one whiteboard doesn't cover today's material

even one whiteboard doesn’t cover today’s material

Another thing why i favorited you among others lecturer is: you were a game changer in accounting department. See, there were old customs that have been made hereditary from generation to generation in our department, like the way students think towards some issues. You were what we called “a progressionist”, a supporter of the theory that all life forms gradually progress or evolve to a higher form. I feel blessed to have met a person like you in my life.

taking selfie with mr. unggul behind

I conclude by wishing you the very best. Thank you for your service as an educator and inspiration to me as a student, best captured in Alexander the Great’s famous reflection: “To my parents I owe my life, but to my teachers I owe the ‘good life.’”

With regards,

One of your students.

“Aku dan KOMBUN mempersembahkan Surat Blog yang benar-benar ku tulis dari hati untuk guruku, Selamat Hari Guru”